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Available in Sizes: Medium, Large and XLarge
Medium neck to hem is 23" and chest 22"

Large 26" and chest 23"

XL 25" and chest 24"
These waistcoats are handmade and so will vary slightly.

Please note that there is most likely a chalk circle drawn around the
embroidery green man.  This is just where the seamstress has marked where
the embroidery will be placed.  It’s only chalk and washes off nice and easily.
We recommend hand washing this garment in cold water and line drying for extended life.

Heavy cotton lined waistcoat with a rustic feel with a detailed, embroidered Green Man design on the back.

This magnificent waistcoat is suitable for both men and women and comes in a variety of sizes.

The Green Man is mainly thought of as a symbol of rebirth and is usually depicted covered with spring leaves. Whilst often considered to be a pagan figure, the Green Man appears frequently in churches, abbeys and cathedrals leading to much debate about his origins.

Origin: Nepal

Green Man Waistcoat