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The Green Man Online

The Green Man has been at his work for over 15 years , Although not claiming the name of the Green Man until recently he has been active in his work growing cannabis and giving it away to medicinal users for many years.

This has always been hard for most people to understand... "why would you give it away for free? You must be Crazy" 

But the truth is... Yes, yes he is... but on this occasion he may just be making some sense!

It is possible for the recreational cannabis market to fund the medical. So medicinal users don't have to pay for their choice of medication.

The Green Man offers members a chance to become self sufficient with 1:1 lessons, 24 hour online help and advise and discount of equipment and tools.

When you purchase goods from the Green Man the money you spend helps someone have access to free medicine and free information on who to become self sufficient in the creating of their own medicine.

The Green Man is passionate about growing the cleanest, most potent, natural organic cannabis for adults 18 and over. Why? Because we care about the health and well-being of our customer and community.


The Green Man is as passionate as he is loud in his belief on drug law reform. Promoting the legalisation of Cannabis not only in the UK but worldwide, medicinally and recreationally.

Please Visit Our 'Book an Interview' Page if you require to speak to one of team about memberships.
You will  need to bring some Photo I.D and proof of address to complete the membership form.

There is a one off payment for Non Medicinal members and your membership can take up to 2 weeks to be come active once you have been approved. 


Please get in touch Mon - Fri 10am till 5pm In regards to any Green Man Wholesale Products.
Please either email on or call / text 07421318931

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We are currently accepting bank transfers as our payment method online,

you will find further instructions of this along with your Invoice via email once you have completed your purchase,

Please keep hold of this as you will need your invoice number and total to complete the transfer successfully. 

You can also order online and collect in store where you can pay by card or in cash for your goods.

“Great things are done by a series of small things brought together”

Vincent Van Gogh

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